Constitution movies can serve as educational entertainment. The U.S. Constitution was a major piece in American history and, for many, serves as a symbol for the law, the justice, and the freedom of The United States of America. When a movie is about the Constitution, is stands to inform every generation about its past, present, and future.

  1. "The United States Constitution" This movie presents a very simple and clear way to view the Constitution. The founding fathers wrote it as a statement of the country's rights and absolute freedoms. So many times people quote and reference the Constitution, but don't understand what is in the Constitution in its entirety. This 75 minute documentary carries out and portrays what is stated in the Constitution, beyond the average person's education.

  2. "the American Constitution: The Road from Runnymede" Made in 1992, this documentary builds up the back story of the Constitution. It is narrated by Christopher Reeve and begins with the story of the Magna Carta. It spans 600 years of political turmoil and strife. It also points out the English influences that the Constitution has, the "Rule of Law" and "Limited Government." These terms were translated int the American Constitution and greatly influenced the clashes between the United States and Great Britain.

  3. "The Constitution Project: Yick Wo and the Equal Protection Clause" This movie depicts the true story about an Chinese laundromat owner who challenged the system in 1880. In San Francisco, the city passed a law stating that all wooden laundromats needed to meet the new health and safety ordinances. However, no Chinese laundromat owners were given permits (even though they met the requirements) and all white laundromat owners were. In an unprecedented move, Yick Wo took the case all the way to the Supreme Court and referenced the Constitution. His spirit for equality forever changed the law in America and served as a catalyst for all minorities.