Constitution Films

Tuesday, August 16 by Chris Hudson

Constitution films movies that were created to showcase a part of the Constitution or give a lesson on how the Constitution was created or has evolved. Many times they inspire us and remind us what human beings are truly capable of. this list showcases the ten best Constitution films.

"Right of the People."

The storyline of this movie revolves around a town that has a horrific murder and as a result residents on the town decide to adopt their rights to bear arms as per the Constitution. It takes an honest look at the Constitution and whether it makes sense for residents to be able to carry weapons.

"National Treasure."

This is one of the greatest Constitution films about the theft of the Declaration of Independence. It was produced by Walt Disney Studios and stars Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel and Diane Kruger. This movie not only highlights the importance of the Declaration, but also discusses key moments in history such as the ride on Paul Revere.

"American Constitution: The Road From Runnymede."

One of the most poignant Constitution films about the birth on the American Constitution, this is also one of the most in depth journey through history. It shows the key dates within history over a 600 year period and discusses key times such as the Magna Carta all the way to the Philadelphia Convention that occurred in 1787.

"The Birth Of A Nation."

Although a bit older, this movie is an excellent example of the birth and progression of America. Today it is very interesting to watch this wildly racist film and see how America viewed itself during its younger years.


The main character of this film, played by AL Pacino is not exactly a willing patriot, and thus this movie takes another look at how heroes sprang up from all areas during the American Revolution.

"The Crossing."

This film stars Jeff Daniels as George Washington and retells the dramatic story of Washington and his men crossing the Delaware River as well as the Battle of Trenton.

"Miller's Crossing."

Since its creation, the Constitution has undergone several changes and adaptations. Perhaps none of these changes have been as notable as prohibition during the 1920s. This movie shows what it was like to be a bootlegging gangster when alcohol was banned.

"The Thin Man."

Just after prohibition was repealed, most of America went a little overboard. This hilarious comedy features a couple who drink far too much and solved murders just for fun.


Many movies have been made about the 13th amendment which abolished slavery in America, but Amistad is one of the best. It tells the story of a free man in America who led a revolt to free slaves and ended up in court.

"Iron Jawed Angels."

Another amendment to the Constitution which changed the course of history was the movement for equal rights. This movie looks at several women who put their lives on the line to earn women the right to vote and change the Constitution.

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