If you want to check out some Chinese war movies, read on for a great list. These films are full of action and drama, set in various periods during China's tumultuous history. If you love war movies and Asian cinema, here are some films you should definitely check out:

  1. "The Message" (2009). This war drama takes place during the Japanese occupation of China in 1942. The story centers around a conference brought together by the Japanese puppet government after several assassination attempts on their leaders by Chinese rebels. A Chinese spy who is taking part in the meeting is desperately attempting to send a critical message to his people while simultaneously protecting his identity and his life. The movie won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Asian Film.

  2. "Battle of Wits" (2006). Set during China's civil wars between the 5th to the 3rd Century B.C., this film is about a warrior who is defending the people of a small city from being conquered by a neighboring country. As the troops descend upon the city and the residents are outnumbered, the mysterious fighter is the only hope for maintaining independence. This movie was based on a Japanese novel that was also turned into a series of comic books.

  3. "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon" (2008). This movie centers on a common man who rises through the ranks to become an army commander during China's civil war. His bravery makes him a hero, but after years pass and peace is still not obtained, he must return as an elderly man for one last battle.

  4. "Red Cliff" (2008). This war movie, directed by John Woo, is about an epic battle fought in China's Three Kingdoms period. Two badly outnumbered armies are unsure how they will defend themselves against their rival, until they realize that the stronger army has no experienc fighting by the sea. Using their wits, they hope to exploit this weakness and emerge victorious.'

  5. "The Music Box" (2006). When Japan is occupying Shanghai in the late 1930s, a barber accidentally kills a Japanese officer and must go on the run. He falls in love with an officer's wife and is eventually sentenced to death for treason. With time running out, he must figure out a way to prove his innocence.