Chinese war movies about love show how the power of such an emotion can cause or overcome the hardships of battle. War movies usually aren't about love but these Chinese stories bring people's feelings to the forefront. Chinese movies about war are harsh and brutal, but with love involved they can be colorful and explosive as anything in the world. Love is as powerful as any force on the planet and these Chinese war movies take the element and create dramatic spectacles of epic proportions at times. Chinese war movies about love definitely delivers in drama and action as the characters battle countless armies as well as the passions inside their hearts.

  1. "Hero" (2002). Jet Li stars in this Chinese epic set in ancient times before the country became unified under one ruler after many wars. In the midst of a so-called assassination plot, the love triangle between Long Sky, Flying Snow and Broken Sword is recounted in front of the King of Qin.  

  2. "Curse of the Golden Flower" (2006). A Chinese movie features a war within the family ranks as an emperor returns home. The entanglements of love emerge between the empress and her stepson who also has romantic aspirations with the imperial doctor's daughter.

  3. "The Banquet" (2006). A war inside the imperial family during the Tsang Dynasty resonates throughout this Chinese movie. Prince Wu Luan leaves the palace as his father takes the love of his life as his empress but returns when his father is assassinated by his uncle.

  4. "The Red Violin" (1998). A mythical violin follows five separate stories of its owners throughout history. In 1960's Shanghai, a political officer must war with the love of all music as she tries to hide the prized violin against communists who despise Western music.