The best war movies for guys come in the form of militant, blood-thirsty, revenge-driven, pugnacious, bravados, ardently seeking to survive and help others in the process. War movies display the events surrounding hostility among embattled countries or clans of people up in arms against one another. 

  1. "Blood Diamond" is a best war movie for guys because it projects realistically a situation in Sierra Leone and the illegal trade of blood diamonds or diamonds harvested at the cost of life and limb, amidst terror. "Blood Diamond" goes deep into the wars among child-soldiers, rival gangs and international, jewel-chasing commercial enterprises. 

  2. "Saving Private Ryan" is another favorite macho, mortal-combat movie depicting the scene of World War II. A world-class renowned film starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, "Saving Private Ryan" recounts the story of bravery in the face of bullets, betrayal and bereavement. In a mission to save a lone private who lost most of his brothers-at-war, "Saving Private Ryan" emerges as an award-winning film which guys would enjoy. 

  3. "300" is a best war movie appealing to masculine audiences. It highlights the stoic courage of a band of three hundred Spartans who are well-known for their sense of brotherhood, determination, and prowess at war. Although, this movie involves lots of bloody battles mixing history and legendary lore in which Spartans fought Persians in imperialist warfare.

  4. "Warlords" is a manly and martial movie with actor Jet Li up in arms and feet against his friend-turned foe. This Chinese movie placed during the Qing Dynasty tells the story of an uprising in Taiping. Filled with virile exploits and passion for love and power, this film excites the basic urge to engage in fight out of necessity and glory. 

  5. "Braveheart" is a classical, cut-throat, historical conflict appealing to men, starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace. This war-movie portrays the story of Scotland's independence from the tyrannical English in a grand display of terrific encounters, requiring guts and gall-literally. "Braveheart" stirs up the heart and emboldens the viewer with the overwhelming courage of a simple farmer who desired justice. 

  6. "Tears of the Sun" (2003) is a manly war movie set in Nigeria, a divided and war-torn country. This movie explains the mission of Bruce Willis, an American soldier engaged in saving Americans from the throes of war in Nigeria and caught in between merciless rebel groups and innocent Nigerians.