The best war movie songs are those that manage to echo the mood of the film or, are used as a dramatic device within the film. Whether it is a heavy rock number with an unforgettable chorus or a soul classic used to lighten the mood, the best songs are the ones that you associate with the movie whenever you hear it. Although a majority of the classic war movies go along with the tried and tested route of using a composer to create atmospheric orchestral pieces, there are a small band of films that use other kinds of music. Though classical pieces often serve to enhance the complex emotions of a film, sometimes a three minute pop song has the same power.

  1. “Tracks of my Tears” by Smokey Robinson from the soundtrack of "Platoon." Used to great effect in the classic eighties film by Oliver Stone. This Motown song not only helps to alleviate the tense atmosphere of the film but also marks the era the film is set in. One of the best war movie songs of its time.

  2. “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown from the soundtrack to "Good Morning Vietnam." Another eighties war movie with one of the best war movie songs.  This James Brown song perfectl mirrors the high energy performance from Robin Williams as DJ Adrian Cronauer.

  3. “The Cavatina” from the soundtrack to "The Deer Hunter." One of the best war movie songs, “The Cavatina” is an elegant piece of classical guitar music that adds an eerie contrast to the film’s content.