In recent years there have been numerous films produced that could be classed simply as awesome modern war movies. These movies all have a different take on what makes a war movie, from studies in character to full on action films complete with explosive sequences and realistic battles. From the historic battlefields of World War II to the more current conflicts in the Middle East, modern war movies cover the gamut of everything related to the subject.

  1. "Saving Private Ryan." From its opening sequence all the way through to the final battle scene, "Saving Private Ryan" stands out amongst many awesome modern war movies. A great cast of new and established actors bring this story of a mission to rescue a family’s last surviving son to life. Realistic battle scenes only serve to enhance the storyline.

  2. "The Thin Red Line." An all star cast tells the story of a squad of American soldiers during the WWII battle of Guadacanal Island. Strong performances from some of Hollywood’s finest character actors make this one of the most awesome modern war movies of the nineties.

  3. "The Hurt Locker." This is an Oscar winning story about the daily trials of a bomb disposal unit stationed in war torn Iraq. One of the most awesome modern war movies, "The Hurt Locker" is a gut wrenching and honest look at one of history’s most recent conflicts.

  4. "Jarhead." British director Sam Mendes offers this story about a young soldier serving in Operation Desert Shield. One of several awesome modern war movies made in the millennium, it features excellent cinematography and one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s best performances.