Anti-war movies often emphasize the human suffering that is caused by warfare. Some anti-war movies are black comedy satire films, and others will bring tears to your eyes. Below is a list of some of the best anti-war movies of all time. 

  1. "Johnny Got His Gun". This 1971 anti-war movie made a name for itself almost two decades later when clips of it were featured in a Metallica MTV video. A young soldier becomes a faceless and limbless torso after being hit with a mortar shell. The doctors try to keep him alive, but he just wants to die. He learns how to communicate using morse code with his body movements by the end of the movie. 

  2. "Why We Fight". The 2005 documentary film features the prophetic words of President Dwight D. Eisenhower which warned Americans about the military industrial complex. Eugene Jarecki interviews military personnel, pentagon officials and other government leaders in an attempt to understand why American wars happen. 

  3. "So Proudly We Hail!". Don't confuse this 1943 anti-war movie with the 1990 neo-Nazi story of the same name. It features a group of US Army nurses who get caught up in the fighting of World War II as the Japanese bomb Hawaii. It's a tale full of love affairs, bombs and a slight anti-war sentiment. 

  4. "Purple Hearts". Dr. Don Jardian, not fond of war, reluctantly goes to Vietnam with the US Navy. He then falls in love with a nurse. You can definitely call this 1984 film an anti-war movie because it depicts the horrors of war in the life of someone who doesn't want anything to do with it. 

  5. "Oh! What a Lovely War". Charles Chilton wrote a play with the same name in 1963 which was adapted into a movie in 1969. Characters poke fun at World War I and other wars throughout the film with ridiculous happy-go-lucky war songs and even scoring boards to count the dead. If you want a hilarious anti-war movie with tons of British-style humor, then look no further.