Military history makes for good movie subject matter and Hollywood has used this subject matter to churn out numerous films. From depictions of World War Two events to biographies of historical military figures, American war history movies are still as popular as ever.

  1. "Glory" One of the best American war history movies of the late eighties, “Glory” follows the battle at Antietam during the American Civil War. During this time, the first black regiment was formed and the movie documents their trials and tribulations in Civil War era America.

  2. "Born on the Fourth of July" Based on the true story of Ron Kovic. Tom Cruise takes the lead in this movie and gives a compelling performance as the Vietnam Vet who becomes an anti-war advocate. One of the best American war history movies ever made.

  3. "Pearl Harbor" Visually stunning and featuring several big name actors including Ben Affleck and Cuba Gooding Jr. Not as authentic or factually correct as many other American war history movies, it still has plenty of excellent battle sequences and enough action to entertain the audience.

  4. "The Patriot" Mel Gibson stars in this fictional tale set in the Civil War. Featuring an all star cast the story follows Benjamin Martin as he exacts bloody revenge on the English over the murder of his son. Amongst the most epic of American war history movies, it is loosely based on moments in America’s colorful Civil War history. Look out for Jason Isaacs as the sadistic Colonel William Tavington.