American Revolutionary War movies depict the battles waged between the colonists and the British from 1776 to 1783. This period in time is not as represented in film as other wars such as the Civil War, the World Wars, and the Vietnam War. However, the revolutionary time period provides rich historical details and action-packed battles.

  1. “The Patriot” This American Revolutionary War movie starred Mel Gibson well before his media meltdown. In the film, he plays a colonist turned patriot who faces off against an evil British officer played by Jason Isaacs. Heath Ledger stars as his son who proves too eager to join in the colony’s fight for independence.

  2. “The Crossing” This A&E movie tells the story of the nation’s first president, George Washington. Jeff Daniels plays the leader back when he was a general leading patriot soldiers across the Delaware River to great victory.

  3. “1776” For a lighter take on the American Revolution, this movie mixes humor and song into the story about America’s pursuit for independence from the British. Based on a Broadway musical, this American Revolutionary War movie focuses on the origins of the war by featuring Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams as they draft the Declaration of Independence.

  4. “John Adams” An HBO movie miniseries, this American Revolutionary War film records John Adam’s founding father role in the American Revolution Paul Giamatti plays the iconic historical figure. The movie details the war at great lengths and also stretches farther in time to show the new government’s formation after winning the war.

  5. “Revolution” This film didn't receive an exactly stellar critical reception upon its release, but the film does revolve around the battles of the American Revolution. Al Pacino stars as a reluctant soldier who joins the colonies’ fight in order to find his enlisted son. Soon, however, he finds himsel fighting for the cause, too.