Realistic battle scenes and explicit violence, these are two of the elements one would expect in action war movies for guys. However, as well appealing to the base element s of most male audiences, some of the best movies in this genre also have strong character performances and good storylines. From the cartoon violence of  “300,” to one man’s view of Vietnam in “Apocalypse Now”, action war movies cover a broad spectrum of film making.

  1. "300." Based upon the graphic novel about Sparta’s King Leonides, “300” is one of the best action war movies for guys. The movie has the feel of a comic book thanks to the stylized cinematography and features some of the most brutal battle scenes on celluloid.

  2. "Apocalypse Now." A ground breaking film and another one of the must-have action war movies for guys. The story revolves around a soldier sent to eliminate a green beret who the army believes has gone insane. Excellent characters and a thunderous soundtrack complete the story.

  3. "The Dirty Dozen." One of the all time action war movies for guys, this movie has been inspiring new productions in the genre since its release more than thirty years ago. Lee Marvin shines in his role as a maverick officer and the violent scenes paved the way for films like “Inglourious Basterds.”

  4. "Black Hawk Down." A taut and thrilling film that follows a group of soldiers shot down behind enemy lines. Realistic and visually stunning, this is one of the best action war movies for guys made in recent years.