The best world war movies deliver much more than senseless killing. Great dialogues, characters and plots all contribute to a great war movie. Below are the 5 best world war movies that you absolutely must see. 

  1. "Inglourious Basterds" A Team of ruthless Jewish American soldiers called "The Basterds" vow to take down Nazi leaders. You will know by the crazy 1990's style antics and one liners that this is a Quentin Tarantino war movie. 

  2. "Schindler's List" In this World War 2 Holocaust film, Oskar Schindler employs Jewish people in his Polish factories to help them escape Nazi persecution and because they cost less than Catholics. This is a war movie filled with violent scenes from concentration camps. 

  3. "Johnny Got His Gun" Joe, a World War 1 soldier, loses his arms, legs and face to a mortar shell. Joe wants to die, but he cannot communicate with the medical staff who keep him on life support. He finally finds a way via morse code. Joe is also the feature of Metallica's "One" video. The film is based on a 1938 antiwar novel by Dalton Trumbo. 

  4. "Paths of Glory" Stanley Kubrick, creator of Full Metal Jacket, brought us this World War 1 movie in 1957. General George Broulard sends a crew of French soldiers on a suicide mission. Colonel Dax, played by Kirk Douglas, defends the soldiers from mutiny charges imposed on the troops for not fulfilling the mission. "Paths of Glory" is based on a 1935 book with a similar name by Humphrey Cobb. 

  5. "Tora! Tora! Tora!" This 1970 film retells the story of Pearl Harbor from both an American and a Japanese perspective. There was a lot of foreknowledge before the attack which could have been used to prevent it. This World War 2 movie details what was publicly known at the time. The title, a reference to Japanese code words related to this short term victory, literally means "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!" The revealing nature of this film makes it one of the best world war movies ever.