The 5 best World War II documentaries cover one of the widest spread incidents of war. In the 1930's and early 1940's, the world was divided in two factions, the Allies and the Axis powers. War spread across all continents in a quest for domination between the two factions. The various accounts of these events are viewed from different perspectives accordingly in documentaries produced over the years. Each of the listed films offers actual footage of the people involved in this war and gives the viewer an idea of the attitudes of the world at the time.

  1. "Remembering Pearl Harbor." One of the best World War II documentaries focuses on the event that brought the United States into the war. Presented by National Geographic, the film documents the events leading up to the Japanese surprise attack on the U.S. Naval base located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Graphic art representations of movement are included to give the viewer a perspective on the effort put forth by the Japanese to reach this remote location undetected. Interviews from sailors from each side of the attack are interviewed. File footage of the actual attack and radio broadcasts are included.

  2. "D-Day to Berlin." This BBC presentation makes the list of best World War II documentaries. The project follows the events from the D-Day invasion by the Allied forces to the fall of Berlin and the ultimate surrender of Germany. British, American and German soldiers participate in interviews for this documentary and footage of the invasion on the beaches of Normandy are included.

  3. "Auschwitz: The Nazi's Final Solution." The almost frightening look at the Holocaust makes the list of best World War II documentaries. During the war, European Jews and other persons noted as "undesirable" wer taken to concentration camps. This film focuses on one of these camps and those who survived. The footage is shocking and real.

  4. "White Light, Black Rain." This entry on the list of best World War II documentaries takes a look at the final days of the war and the bombing of Japan. Presented by HBO, the film shows the horrors of war and its consequences.

  5. "The World at War." The final entry for the best World War II documentaries was originally an epic television event narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier. The multi-part presentation covers the turning points of the war and highlights key battles.