If you're looking to for the 5 best World War I movies, perhaps these selections may come to suit your fancy. Long before the hellish journey that was World War II, there was the bloody and nightmarish spectacle that was World War I. Totaling over 16 million deaths, including military personnel and civilians, World War I not only introduced us to our first taste of global war, but it also gave us the chance to make some classic quality movies about the subject.

  1. "Lawrence of Arabia" This classic World War I movie is an epic tale that follows T.E. Lawrence, a British soldier and adventurer, and the trials and tribulations he has lived through. "Lawrence of Arabia" presents some of the most sweeping World War I sequences ever in cinematic history.

  2. "Sergeant York" Directed by Howard Hawks, "Sergeant York" is a World War I movie that is centered around Alvin York, a Tennessee man who works his way up the ranks in order to earn his Medal of Honor in the US Military. "Sergeant York" is action packed with loads of World War I battle sequences.

  3. "Hell's Angels" This World War I movie displays many aerial combat sequences in a story that revolves around two brothers, Roy and Monte Rutledge, as they leave their country to join the Royal Flying Corps in Britain in order to do battle in World War I. The film's flying scenes are notable for causing the deaths of three pilots during the film's production.

  4. "Gallipoli" This World War I movie depicts the disaster that was the Gallipoli Campaign, which took place from 1915 to 1916. The film follows the journey of two young Australians (played by Mel Gibson and Mark Lee) who join the ranks of the Australian Army to do battle in World War I.

  5. "Paths of Glory" Director Stanley Kubrick delivers a disturbing World War I movie that is based on the Humphrey Cobb novel of the same name. "Paths of Glory" follows the story of a group of French soldiers who protest their refusals to go to war as their impending execution gets closer and closer.