War has always proven to be an immersive film subject and as testament to that fact, here is a list of the 5 best Korean War films. War films are a renowned genre of film that have wrought many of the greatest motion pictures in the history of cinema. Since movies began, it is a subject that has demanded constant exploration as the real world has been rife with the conflict and devastation of war. In turn, movies became a very powerful medium to provide some meaningful commentary. Over the years, every major war has been dissected on film. In this field, World War II and the Vietnam War have dominated, but the war least explored is the Korean War. That is not to say lesser films have come from the subject.

  1. "The Hunters" An excellent film staring Robert Mitchum and Robert Wagner. The subject matter of fighter pilots in the Korean War has not stood the test of time, but that's only because audiences have been distracted by the likes of "Top Gun." 

  2. "The Manchurian Candidate" This is an awesome film that has stood the test of time, but this is not your ordinary war film. You may be tempted to forgo watching this in wake of the Denzel Washington remake, but the backdrop of the Korean War from the original is an important dimension to story.

  3. "War Is Hell" This is certainly a film not remembered by many, but it does remain an important entry into the Korean War lexicon. It details the atrocities of war, so you don't get a lot of political or historical analysis. It's all about blood and guts, which is what you really want from a good war picture.

  4. "Battle Circus" This movie stars the great Humphrey Bogart as a war surgeon in the Korean War. Need any more convincing?

  5. "M*A*S*H" The king of Korean War movies, this is not your standard picture, yet alone your standard war picture. It concerns a group of medical surgeons so it warrants comparison to the aforementioned "Battle Circus." However, to take nothing away from that movie, "M*A*S*H" is revolutionary stuff as far as films go.