The five best Iraq war films were not tough to find. They each really show the plight of the soldiers in Iraq and the struggles they are faced with every day. Each Iraq war film reminds audiences the price that’s paid every day by those soldiers.

  1. “The Hurt Locker” This multiple Oscar-winning Iraq war film focuses on the bomb squad of the Iraq war. The struggle of these soldiers, both physical and emotional, is as real as it gets. The events that take place, as well as the ending, will leave you guessing about what will happen next.

  2.  “Grace is Gone” This Iraq war film is original because it depicts a husband and father whose wife was killed in the Iraq war. His struggle to delay telling his young daughters that their mother is gone is truly heartbreaking.

  3. “In the Valley of Elah” Revealing the psychological struggles of the war in Iraq, this Iraq war film centers around the plight of a father looking for his son who has gone AWOL. But, he’ll need to go through a struggle of his own as he searches for his son and reveal the mystery of his disappearance.

  4. “Standard Operating Procedure” This Iraq war film woke up Americans to the reality inside the Abu Ghraib prison. The plot is based primarily on photograph taken at the prison and interviews with a few witnesses. The revealing nature makes this a must-see Iraq war film.  

  5. “The Messenger” The basis of this Iraq war film can be found in two characters who have the distasteful and emotional job of notifying families when their relatives are killed in the Iraq war. These men must learn to lean on each other, much like soldiers.