The 5 best German war movies are just a few from the many films that depict the German experience while at war. Most of the German war movies take place during World War I or World War II, and even though the films are brutal, there are some very real human emotions from both the German' fighting as well as the opposing Fronts. 

  1. "Das Boot": Filmed in 1981, "Das Boot" is one of the best German war movies. The film examines how the submariners maintained their professionalism while living in a U-Boat. Trying to carry out almost impossible missions, the German crew of the U-Boat are also trying to understand the ideology of the government under which they serve.

  2. "The Bridge": A German film from 1959 called "The Bridge" is also one of the best German war movies. Near the end of World War II, a group of German boys are instructed to guard a bridge in their home town. In the mean time truckloads of defeated and now cynical German soldiers fle the American troops. However, the German boys who are full of Nazi ideology and honor continue to guard the useless Nazi bridge.

  3. "Joyeux Noel": As another one of the best German war movies, Joyeux Noel was filmed in 2005. On Christmas Eve during one of the bloodiest wars that the world has ever seen, groups from the Western Front call for an informal truce without the consent from their superiors. A group of French, German and Scottish soldiers come together to have a peaceful reprieve from this dreadful carnage.

  4. "The Red Baron": One of the best German war movies was 2008's "The Red Baron." During World War I, German Air Force pilot Baron Manfred von Richtofen, is the most feared and famous pilot. Ignoring the terrible nature of actually killing other people, The Baron thinks flying planes is just a sport until he falls in love with a nurse and realizes that he has only been used to glorify the war.

  5. "Before the Fall": Filmed in 2004, "Before the Fall," is one of the best German war movies. To get out of factory life, Friedrich enrolls in high school that produces Nazi elite. Friedrich encounters real life when his innocence is shattered as he encounters hazing, cruelty, death and the Nazi code. Everything changes one night in the forest while chasing escaped POW Russians.