The 5 best French Revolution movies occupy an interesting part of cinema.  For many movie lovers, there simply aren't enough French Revolution movies.  Indeed, this is not a historical area that is a major target, such as World War II.  Yet there are some successful moves that are based around this time period of the French Revolution.

  1. "Marie Antoinette" Yes, it may not have taken place in the French Revolution, but this movie is based upon the Queen of France and the events leading up to the event.  As one of the most expensive movies of the 1930s (two million dollar budget), it was very successful.  The movie was nominated for four Academy Awards.

  2. "L'Anglaise et le Duc" Not taken well by reviewers due to its portrayal of "The Terror," the film takes an honest perspective on the French Revolution.  The film was inspired by the memoirs of Grace Elliott who was caught up in the events of the French Revolution.

  3. "Danton" This movie depicts the last months of the life of Georges Danton, a leader in the French Revolution.  Also covering Poland in 1982, this is a favorite for many film lovers of the French Revolution time frame.

  4. "Marat/Sade" An adaption of the play, the film takes on a creepier element than other films of the time of the French Revolution.  This is certainly a treat for film lovers.

  5. "Jefferson in Paris" This historical drama is too long for some at 139 minutes.  However, this take on Thomas Jefferson's time as U.S. Ambassador during the French Revolution is quite unique and interesting to watch.