The French and Indian War could almost be called the forgotten war, but these 5 best French and Indian War movies show that they are not. These movies focus on the struggles of individuals and groups through the turmoil of war, and they come out grinning. 

  1. ''The Light In The Forest.'' Taking place during the French and Indian war, this movie explores the life of a young orphaned Caucasian boy who was raised by Native Americans and accepted into a tribe. When war hits his people, he is conflicted as to which side he should join, and even though he was exchanged to the white population, he still believes he is an Indian at heart.

  2. ''Unconquered.'' Starring Gary Cooper, this film depicts the violence that occurred between the Native Americans and the American Colonists in Fort Pitt. There is a romance subplot to the film. Set between two men and their desire to be with one woman, this film was incredibly dramatic and shocking for its time.

  3. ''The Last of The Mohicans.'' This movie stars Daniel-Day Lewis as yet another white child orphaned and adopted by the few remaining locals of the Mohican Tribe. This is truly a French and Indian War movie down to its core. It comes from a nostalgic time when remakes of movies lived up to expectations.

  4. ''Evangeline.'' Set during the French and Indian war, this movie is a tale of love and how distance does not loosen bonds between lovers. The main character must go through endless turmoil to prove her love innocent and be back with him.

  5. ''The War That Made America.'' This is actually a documentary carefully describing life and the significance of the battles during the French and Indian war. It described how native Americans were caught between the conflicts of the American and the British Empire.