The 5 best Cold War films were not difficult to pick. The time period of the Cold War is fascinating and the panic and paranoia was perfectly captured in Hollywood. To get a better idea of what it was like and how it's remembered today, watch the five best Cold War films ever made.

  1. “The Hunt for Red October” In 1990, audiences were excited and terrified by the events portrayed in “The Hunt for Red October. This is one of the best Cold War films partly because of brilliant directing by John McTiernan and an outstanding performance from Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery. Set in 1984, this film tells of events surrounding a renegad submarine captain as he heads for America against orders. No one knows whether or not his plans are for peace or war.

  2. “Red Dawn” A 1984 cult classic, “Red Dawn” features an all-star cast of Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson and Charlie Sheen. The premise of the film is the dawn of World War III, which was ultimately caused by the Cold War. This what-if tale explores what might happen if the Russians really did invade America, specifically Colorado.

  3. “Dr. Strangelove” As the name implies, this is one strange tale. The great Stanley Kubrick directed this 1964 flick that revolves around a mad general whose ultimate goal is to start a nuclear war. Not surprisingly, other military officials and politicians desperately struggle to stop the insanity throughout this Cold War film.  

  4. “Fail-Safe” The epic tale of an American president attempting to avoid an all out nuclear war with the Soviets is the basis for this 1964 Cold War film. Starring Henry Fonda as the president and Walter Matthau, this is one of the best Cold War films because of the unparalleled drama and tension as the characters involved struggle to prevent catastrophe.

  5. “Thirteen Days” This Cold War film directed by Roger Donaldson wasn’t exactly a hit, but it does an excellent job depicting the Cuban Missile Crisis. The film came out in 2000 and the cast includes Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood and Shawn Driscoll. Not many Cold War films stick to the facts of the events portrayed quite as well as this film does.