If you want to learn more about Anne Frank and The Holocaust, you may want to learn about the 5 best Anne Frank movies so you can see more about her and her life hidden from the Nazis. These are the best Anne Frank movies out there and basically tell her life story. 

  1. "The Diary of Anne Frank" (1959) - This is the original first film and starred Shelly Winters. It was based on Anne Frank's personal diary and was later published by Otto Frank.

  2. "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" (2000) - This film also goes by the title of "Anne Frank" and was a mini-series based on a biographical book about Anne Frank. It starred Ben Kingsley and Lili Taylor.

  3. "Anne Frank Remembered" (1995) - This film is actually a documentary about the life of Anne Frank and was done by Jon Blair. It started out as a television documentary but got a theatrical release from Sony Pictures.

  4. "Anne Frank: The Life of a Young Girl" (1998) - This was a documentary that aired as a television mini series. It has interviews with her father and a few of her friends.

  5. "The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank" (1988) - This movie was based on Gies' memoirs about struggling to keep the Frank family hidden in the attic during the Nazi occupation. It stars Mary Steenburgen.

Now you can learn more about the struggles of Anne Frank and her family during the Nazis' search for them. These are some of the most famous movies about Anne Frank and each one tells the same story but in a different and unique way. Some are documentaries and some are television movies, but you should be able to find one that is special to you.