If you love Nazi Germany movies but can't find the best list, here is a list of 10 Nazi Germany movies so you can see what you may have missed. These are some of the best Nazi Germany movies and although your own personal list may differ, perhaps you may find a couple that you've missed out on in the past.

  1. "Schindler's List" This movie told the story of Oskar Schindler, who saved thousands of Jews during the Nazi Germany regime. It stars Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson and was directed by Steven Spielberg.

  2. "Das Boot" Starring Jurgen Prochnow, this movie depicts a Germa submarine fleet's U-boat crew and how they handle the missions they are attempting to complete.

  3. "Life is Beautiful" This movie shows life in a concentration camp and a man who must keep his son's spirits up through the use of humor. It stars Robert Benigni.

  4. "Defiance" This movie stars Liev Schrieber and Daniel Craig and is about a group of Jewish brothers who join forces to fight against the Nazis in Eastern Europe during the Nazi Germany war.

  5. "The Devil's Arithmetic" This is the story of a modern day young Jewish girl who ends up at a concentration camp through a dream and experiences life through her cousin. It stars Kirstin Dunst and Brittany Murphy.

  6. "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" This movie starring David Thewlis and Rupert Friend is about a German family who runs a concentration camp and the relationship their son has with a young Jewish boy.

  7. "Sophie's Choice" Starring Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep, this is the story about a woman who had to make a tough choice during the Holocaust and how it affects her later on in life.

  8. "Holocaust" This is a story that chronicles a Jewish family during Nazi Germany and stars James Woods and Meryl Streep. This was an original mini-series but it one of the best movies about Nazi Germany.

  9. "Sunshine" This movie starring Ralph Fiennes, shows the fate of a Hungarian family during three generations and has a pivotal part about Nazi Germany.

  10. "Valkyrie" Starring Tom Cruise, this is the story of the true assassination attempt on Hitler during Nazi Germany.