If you enjoy movies about the Holocaust or German history, you may want to watch these 10 movies about Nazis. These movies range from concentration camp movies to a very disturbed boy in the United States. Hopefully you'll see a few of your favorites on this list and you might find a new movie you hadn't heard of yet.

  1. "Inglourious Basterds" This comedy-drama from Quentin Tarantino starred Brad Pitt and Eli Roth as Jewish-American soldiers. The team of soldiers hunt down Nazis, scalp them and later kill them. The movie won a number of awards, including an Oscar.

  2. "Schindler's List" This film by Steven Spielberg focused on the story of Oskar Schindler who saved a large number of Jewish workers from death during the Nazi regime. He owned a factory where hundreds of Jews worked and lived until the liberation. It starred Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley and Liam Neeson and won seven Oscars.

  3. "Dead Snow" If you like a little horror and comedy with your Nazis, "Dead Snow" is the perfect movie for you. It's a Norwegian film about a group of medical students on a ski vacation who unknowingly awaken a group on Nazi zombies that were murdered during an invasion during WWII.

  4. "Apt Pupil" Starring sir Ian McKellen and Brad Renfro, this movie is about a teenager who blackmails his neighbor when he discovers his neighbor is a Nazi war criminal. It is based on a novella by Stephen King and focuses on how someone can become as bad as the person they consider evil.

  5. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" This is the firs Indiana Jones movie starring Harrison Ford. This movie is about an archeologist who is hired to find the Ark of the Covenant and retrieve it before the Nazis get their hands on it.

  6. "Hellboy" The main character in this movie is a demon that the Nazis conjured during an occult ritual. He is later rescued from the Nazis and becomes a crime fighter of sorts for the FBI, along with other "different" crime fighters.

  7. "Valkyrie" This is a movie based on the true story of the assassination attempt on HItler. It starred Tom Cruise as the head of the team of assassins that made an unsuccessful attempt at Hitler's life.

  8. "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" This movie is about a family of Nazis that run a concentration camp next door to their home. Their son strikes up a friendship with a young Jewish boy and it results in heartbreaking consequences.

  9. "Life is Beautiful" This is a story about a Jewish man who uses humor to protect his son in a concentration camp. The movie won three Oscars and starred Roberto Benigni as a man whose entire family in taken to a concentration camp.

  10. "Black Book" This is a true account based on a Jewish woman who became a spy during WWII and infiltrated the Nazis by pretending to be one herself. Working as a double agent, eventually everyone turns against her. It was directed and written be Paul Verhoeven.

Now you can view all types of movies about Nazis that encompass many genres. Whether it's drama, comedy, action or horror; these movies will be enjoyable and may become part of your collection.