Our list of ten German WW2 movies represents the scores of European war movies produced during the years encompassing the second world war. The list includes feature films and shorts, and it covers a variety of movie genre--history, drama, comedy, romance, and propaganda films. Here, in chronological order, are ten of the better-known German World War II movies.

  1. “Feinde” 1940. “Feinde,” translated as “Enemies,” is the first German World War II movie on our list. Directed by Viktor Tourjansky, this 1940 film attempts to justify the September Campaign, a term used for the German invasion of Poland in 1939. The film stars Brigitte Horney, Willy Birgel, and Reinhold Luetjohann.

  2. “Annelie” 1941. “Annelie,” also known as “Annelie--Die Geschichte Einer Liebe,” is a 1941 German WW2 movie directed by Josef von Baky. Starring Luise Ullrich, Werner Krauss, and Kathe Haack, the comedy-drama tells the story of a heroic German mother during the war.

  3. “Soldaten Von Morgen” 1941. “Soldaten Von Morgen,” translated “Soldiers Of Tomorrow” is a German short film directed by Alfred Weidenmann. It is a Nazi film about the Hitler Youth, a paramilitary organization made up of German teenagers.

  4. “U-Boote Westwarts!” 1941. Another 1941 German WW2 movie is “U-Boote Westwarts,” or “U-Boat, Course West!” This German war movie tells the story of Germany’s Navy U-boats during the Battle of the Atlantic. Gunther Rittau directed the movie, which stars Herbert Wilk, Heinz Engelmann, and Joachim Brennecke.

  5. “Fronttheater” 1942. Arthur Maria Rabenault directed the 1942 movie, “Fronttheater.” This German World War II drama tells the story of the battle between the Allied forces and the Axis forces in Greece and southern Albania. The film stars Heli Finkenzeller, Rene Deltgen, and Lothar Firmans.

  6. “Die Grosse Liebe.” 1942. “Die Grosse Liebe,” translated “The Great Love,” is a German romantic drama from 1942. Directed by Rolf Hansen, this German war movie recounts the battle between Nazi Germany and the U.S.S.R. The acting cast includes Zarah Leander, Grethe Weiser, and Viktor Staal.

  7. “Stukas” 1942. Karl Ritter directed the German WW2 war drama “Stukas,” also released in 1942. The movies focus is the Stuka, a German two-seat fighter plane. The film stars Carl Raddatz, Hannes Stelzer, and Ernst von Klipstein.

  8. “Besatzung Dora” 1943. “Besatzung Dora” is another WW2 movie directed by Kart Ritter. Translated “The Crew Of The Dora,” the film was released in 1943. It tells the story of the Luftwaffe, a historic German air force. The cast includes Hannes Stelzer, Hubert Kiurina, and Josef Dahmen.

  9. “Junge Adler” 1944. “Junge Adler” is a 1944 World War II movie directed by Alfred Weidenmann. Starring Willy Fritsch, Herbert Huebner, and Gerta Boettcher, this German war drama depicts Germany during the second world war.

  10. “Das Leben Geht Weiter” 1945. “Das Leben Geht Weiter” rounds out our list of ten German WW2 movies. Translated “Life Goes On,” the 1945 film focuses on Germany’s V-2 rocket. Wolfgang Liebeneiner directed the film, which stars Gustav Bertram, Luise Bethke-Zitzman, and Paul Bildt.