The ten best World War 2 movies include quite a list of big stars, as well as action, insight, and education. From prisoner camp escapes to submarines, there are enough great WW II flicks here to satisfy a war movie lover for days.

  1. "Where Eagles Dare." This World War II drama tells about a mission to rescue an American general being held hostage at a Bavarian citadel. The citadel is highly protected and hard to penetrate. Allied forces team up to bring the general home.

  2. "The Great Escape." This fact-based film is about Allied officers who stage a large-scale breakout from a German POW camp. The prison camp is practically escape-proof. The officers work on three escape tunnels simultaneously to break free.

  3. "Kelly's Heroes." The list of best World War 2 movies include this classic film about the main character, Private Kelly. He attempts to defeat the Germans, while stealing sixteen million dollars worth of gold in the meantime. The gold is behind enemy lines so Kelly and the boys have to be cunning.

  4. "Schindler's List." This World War 2 movie is based on a true story about a wealthy factory owner in Germany. He had exploited Jews to further his business, but as the war comes to an end, he spends all his money saving 1,100 of them from extermination camps.

  5. "Saving Private Ryan." The movie opens with a very graphic bang as Americans storm the beaches of Normandy. Thre brothers die during that battle. A fourth brother has been stuck behind enemy lines. Because of the death of his three brothers, and for the sake of the rest of his family, he must be found and so he can return home.

  6. "Bridge on the River Kwai." This is a fictional work, but it was inspired by the building of the Burma Railway. British POWs imprisoned in a Japanese war camp are forced to build a railroad bridge for the sake of higher morale. One of the most memorable things about this movie is the tune the workers whistle as they build the bridge.

  7. "The Dirty Dozen." A U.S. Army major is given the task of taking out a village that houses a lot of German officers. To handle the charge, he is given a motley crew of convicts. His first mission is to make an ace battle unit out of them.

  8. "Das Boot." The highly acclaimed "Das Boot" is the story of the crew of a German U-boat. It depicts the various emotions of the men as they live through the intensity of battle, as well as the monotony of waiting and searching for the enemy.

  9. "Patton." This is the biographical story of General Patton. He tells of his World War II adventures in Africa and Europe. There is plenty of war action in the film, however, the movie is more about the man and what makes him tick rather than the war.

  10. "The Longest Day." Wrapping up our best World War 2 movies is this action-packed film is the story of D-Day, the Normandy invasion. It was shot on location, and it tells of the events of the entire day as well as the thoughts and emotions of soldiers on both sides of the war.