You should be sure to check out all of the 10 best war crime movies you may have missed. War crimes are serious violations of the laws that apply to armed conflict. This is a must-see list of ten of the best war crime movies.

  1.  "The Odessa File" (1974) This war crime film is set in 1963 in Germany. The movie is about a reporter who finds his investigation into the whereabouts of missing Nazi war criminals blocked by a secretive group called Odessa.

  2. "The Man in the Glass Booth" (1975) This movie is set in 1965 Manhattan and is about true identity. The story follows Israeli underground agents who kidnap and transport a Jewish businessman to Israel so he can stand trial as a notorious Nazi war criminal.

  3. "Marathon Man" (1976) This movie is about a man who is considered guilty by association. An escaped Nazi war criminal kidnaps the brother of a man he killed and then sadistically tortures him for information he doesn't have.

  4. "The Boys From Brazil" (1978) This film follows an elderly Nazi war criminal hunter as he investigates the murders of seemingly unrelated men. What he comes to find is all of the men have cloned themselves in order to create a race of Hitlers to take over the world.

  5. "Apocalypse Now" (1979) This movie follows a U.S. Army Captain who is sent to Vietnam to hunt a war criminal. His mission is to kill an AWOL Colonel who has set himself up in the jungle amongst the locals as a lethal godhead.

  6. "A Time to Die" (1983) This war crime movie is also a mystery. This is the story of a WWII vet who is on the hunt for those responsible for torturing him and killing his wife.

  7. "Casualties of War" (1989) This movie is about an American soldier who tries to bring his fellow soldiers to justice for war crimes. After he refuses to participate in the rape of a Vietnamese girl, a soldier is ostracized and threatened with death after he reports those responsible.

  8. "Music Box" (1989) This movie features a father and daughter. After her Hungarian father is arrested and threaten with deportation for war crimes, his daughter discovers he has spent many decades paying off a blackmailer, but why?

  9. "Any Man's Death" (1990) This movie features a roving reporter in an African jungle. After stumbling across a Nazi war criminal, the reporter doesn't know what to do with the information, but time is running out, as there is a worldwide Nazi conspiracy about to take place.

  10. "The Reader" (2008) This movie is set in Germany and is also a love story. After being apart from his much older former lover for fifteen years, a law student walks into a courtroom only to find her on the stand being tried for a war crime.