If you are interested in looking at some films made outside the confines of Hollywood, check out the 10 best Vietnamese movies. There are comedies, dramas, love stories and mysteries, certainly something for any cinematic taste.

  1. “Ah Kwahk Ah Kwun.” This Vietnamese comedy about two disabled friends makes our list of the 10 best Vietnamese movies. Centering on two friends, one blind and one that can’t walk, that have to rely on each other to do daily tasks. It’s worth watching the whole film just for the scene in the canoe. Enjoy!

  2. “Dong Mau And Hung.” Translating to “The Rebel,” “Dong Mau Anh Hung” was released in 2007. A Vietnamese martial arts movie, the film stars Johnny Tri Nguyen and Veronica Ngo and was extremely popular in Vietnam. Featured in many international film festivals, “Dong Mau Anh Hung” has distinguished itself as one of the 10 best Vietnamese movies.

  3. “Oan Hon.” This Vietnamese horror film translates to “Spirits.” From director Victor Vu, “Oan Hon” stars Catherine Ai, Tang Hue Chi and Tuan Cuong. The film, separated into three parts, ‘The Visitor,’ ‘Only Child’ and ‘The Diviner,’ follows a writer who comes to an old house to work and falls in love with a woman that works in the house. When he becomes successful and decides it’s time to have a child, his wife goes mad with the truths of her past.

  4. “The Quiet American.” This 2002 drama makes our list as one of the top 10 best Vietnamese movies for the stellar cast and plot. Starring Michael Caine, Brendan Fraser and Do Thi Hai Yen, the story follows three people caught in a complicated love triangle. A British reporter, a young American and a beautiful Vietnamese woman lead a story of love, love lost, betrayal and murder.

  5. “Cyclo.” Widely considered to be one of the greatest Vietnamese films ever made, “Cyclo” easily makes our list of the 10 best Vietnamese movies. Set in Saigon, “Cyclo” is a twisted take of love and death from director Anh Hung.

  6. “Indochine.” A highly regarded film from 1992, ”Indochine’s” main strength is in its education. Of the many multitudes of post-Vietnam films, this is one that explains the history of the Indochine struggle against the French colonists and the conflict between its North and South. Easily one of the 10 best Vietnamese movies out there.

  7. “Scent of Green Papaya.” This 1993 film comes from the great Vietnamese director, Anh Hung Tran and is one of the 10 best Vietnamese movies. About an illiterate woman who travels to live with a pianist and his wife; the woman has an inappropriate but loving relationship with the kind pianist while he teaches her to read.

  8. “The White Silk Dress.” This dramatic love story follows the tale of a couple in love out of their prior horrible circumstances and into a beautiful new life. After the birth of their four daughters, the terrible realities of the beginning of the war threaten to ruin the family and the life they built.

  9. “Vertical Ray of the Sun.” This 2000 film easily makes our list of the top 10 best Vietnamese movies. The movie tells a story of three sisters whose relationships are not quite what they appear. The family saga is a sweet and charming film that floats along.

  10. “Mua Len Trau.” Translated to “The Buffalo Boy,” the movie’s setting is Vietnam’s southern coast in the 1940’s during the French colonist’s occupation. The story centers on a teenage boy and his rice farmer parents. Due to environmental issues, the boy has to take his family’s buffalo farther inland to find food, along the way he witnesses acts of terror and of kindness, all leading to his becoming a man.