Everyone knows that the best Russian war films are often more subtle than their Western counterparts, so here's the 10 best Russian War Films. With their long illustrious literary tradition, the Russians are adept at exploring the psychological implications of war. That’s not to say that their war films are not also action-packed. A lot of these films manage to combine both subtlety and action for heightened effect.

  1. "Alexandra." Aleksandr Sokurov’s 2007 film gets our vote for the best Russian war film of all time. It tells the story of an elderly woman who visits her grandson, who happens to be fighting on the fronts of the Chechnyan War.

  2. "Philosophy of a Knife." This chilling film explores a Japanese unit that experimented on human beings during World War II. It is plenty detailed, running at more than four hours in length.

  3. "Admiral." Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Kolchak was one of Russia’s finest naval commanders. This, one of the 10 best Russian war films, tells his story.

  4. "Enemy at the Gates." This is the best Russian war film to explore the Battle of Stalingrad during the Second World War. It stars Jude Law and Ed Harris.

  5. "War and Peace." The 1965 version of this film rates as one of the best Russian war films. It is based on the famous novel by Tolstoy.

  6. "Come and See." “Come and See” is a complex psychological drama about Russia’s occupation of Belarussian territory during the Second World War. The movie was directed by Elem Klimov.

  7. "The Star." “The Star” is about the Soviet forces working behind Operation Bagration during World War II. It stars Aleksei Yevgenyevich Kravchenko, who also appeared in “Come and See.”

  8. "9th Company." This is the best film ever made about the Soviet War in Afghanistan. It features a dynamic performance by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

  9. "Attack on Leningrad." Aleksandr Buravsky directed this 2009 drama about the Battle of Leningrad during the Second World War. It is one of the best Russian war films of recent years.

  10. "Confession." Another film by maverick director Aleksandr Sokurov, it is set on a Russian battleship in the 1980's. It rates high among the best Russian wars film in the documentary category.