If you like action, you'll love these 10 best old war films. War movies have been a part of Hollywood for decades; and many of them have become classics. Check out this list of ten of the best old war films that you should see.

  1.  "Twelve O'clock High" (1949). This epic war film follows an Army Air Force Bombardment group as they embark upon what might be a suicide mission. Their orders are to fly their bombers lower and farther in spite of fatigue, in order to bomb their German targets during World War II.

  2. "The Desert Fox" (1951). This is a war/biography movie about German General Erwin Rommel, who participated in an attempt to assassinate Adolph Hitler. After Rommel's complicity is uncovered, he is given the choice of death by torture, or suicide. Rommel chooses suicide, yet the official story released to the press was of his heroic death due to combat wounds.

  3. "From Here To Eternity" (1953). This World War II film is set a few days before the attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii. It follows several people, and questions the importance of the challenges they faced in their lives up until and after the attack.

  4. "The Caine Mutiny" (1954). This movie takes place on board the U.S.S. Caine during World War II. The story centers around the newly stationed Captain, and how his fellow officers come to question his sanity while at sea. They eventually relieve the captain of his duties, only to be charged and tried with mutiny upon their return to the states.

  5. "The Bridge On The River Kwai" (1957). This movie takes place in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in 1943. The story follows two generals; one Japanese and the other British. The British Colonel gives in the the pressures of his Japanese captor to build a bridge that will give the Japanese an edge in the war. The British Colonel's plan is to use the building of the bridge as a moral booster in order to defeat the Japanese in a mental and physical superiority game. 

  6. "Run Silent, Run Deep" (1958). This war film is about a captain who assumes command of submarine after his previous one was sank during battle. Almost immediately, the captain looses the respect of his crew and executive officer due to his obsession;  to find and sink the Japanese destroyer that sank his old submarine.

  7. "The Longest Day" (1962). This epic war movie is a re-creation of the D-Day invasion. It featured an all-star cast, and whenever possible, original locations were used.

  8.  "The Great Escape" (1963). This World War II movie is based on true events. The story is about a group of allied prisoners of war who escape from a thought to be impenetrable Nazi prison camp.

  9. "Patton" (1970). This war film about General George Patton was the winner of 7 Academy Awards. The story follows Patton from his success in using the enemy's own tactics in order to push them back, to his lose of command and missing D-Day after slapping a hospitalized solder, in order to push him into getting well quicker.

  10. "Apocalypse Now" (1979). This Vietnam War film is said to resemble no other. The story follows an already on-edge Army Captain who is sent on a mission to find and assassinate an AWOL Colonel, who has set himself up as a God in the jungles of Cambodia.