The 10 best modern war movies deal with wars that have taken place all throughout American history. The advances in film technology have allowed modern filmmakers to create some very real images. If you enjoy modern movies, then check out the movies on the list of the ten best modern war movies.

  1. "Saving Private Ryan" (1998). Tom Hanks stars in this entry into the list of the ten best modern war movies. This has often been called the best war movie of all time and captures the sights and sounds of World War II with amazing clarity.

  2. "Black Hawk Down" (2001). There is something about this movie that makes you feel that you have to watch it. The struggle of young American soldiers being ambushed in the middle of a primitive town makes for one of the ten best modern war movies.

  3. "Jarhead" (2005). This movie tells the story of Operation Desert Shield from the perspective of one marine. The performance put in by Jake Gyllenhaal was convincing and emotional.

  4. "The Pianist" (2002). Adrien Brody won an Oscar for his performance as a Polish pianist trying to get through World War II. The close calls and vivid imagery in this movie make it one of the ten best modern war movies to date.

  5. "Inglourious Basterds" (2009). The story of this movie uses many characters we are familiar with but in a plot that has never been seen before. Quentin Tarantino' fictional account of how World War II ended leaves the audience feeling triumphant.

  6. "Savior" (1998). Dennis Quaid stars in this account of the Bosnia conflict from the point of view of an American mercenary. This is a powerful movie that causes everyone to question their values.

  7. "Schindler's List" (1993). This is the brilliant story directed by Steven Spielberg about a German businessman who saves Jews from World War II Germany. It is an interesting study in polarizing human characteristics and definitely one of the ten best modern war movies.

  8. "Three Kings" (1999). George Clooney stars as one of three soldiers in the Gulf War that are trying to bring some stolen gold back home to the United States. On their way to claim their prize, they find people that really need their help.

  9. "Full Metal Jacket" (1987). This is one of the more popular movies about the Vietnam War. It follows one soldier from boot camp until his deployment and details his more interesting experiences.

  10. "Hamburger Hill" (1987). If you are looking for one of the ten best modern war movies about the Vietnam experience that is dirty and takes you right into the middle of the battle, then this is your movie. This movie creates emotion by bringing us in close to the characters and then allowing us to see what happens to them.