The 10 best medieval films are a diverse group of films. From epic films to fairy tales to comedies they all have their own spin on what the best medieval movies should be.

  1. "Robin Hood" Russell Crowe (Robin) and Cate Blanchett (Marion) star in this film set in 13th century England. Robin and his band defy the crown and change the course of English history forever.

  2. "Braveheart" One of the most recognized of all medieval movies, this classic film stars Mel Gibson as William Wallace, the legendary leader of the Scotts who leads his people in an uprising against the tyranny of the English.

  3. "The Princess Bride" The medieval fairy tale, directed by Rob Reiner, complete with swashbucklers, giant, a prince and princess is one of the most loved medieval movies.  It’s sometimes goofy take on medieval life makes for laugh-out-loud scenes.

  4. "A Knight’s Tale" This movie, starring the late Heath Ledger, is unique among medieval movies. The story is set to music, rock music, that makes for a good time for the audience. Ledger plays a peasant with a burning desire to become a knight, or at least to survive.

  5. "Kingdom of Heaven" This epic drama that takes you from the crusades of the east to the hard life of medieval Europe. This Ridley Scott film stars Liam Neeson (Sir Godfrey) and Orlando Bloom as a blacksmith who becomes a crusader. Rarely are medieval films shot with the skill of these graphic battle scenes and sweeping views.  

  6. "First Knight" How could this be anything be one of the best medieval movies with a cast like Sean Connery as King Arthur, Richard Gere as Lancelot and Julia Ormond as Guinevere? Of course, as in any of the medieval movies about Camelot, Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere while King Arthur battles a violent adversary.

  7. "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" Robin Hood (Kevin Costner) returns to England with his Moorish friend (Morgan Freeman) to find the Sherriff of Nottingham terrorizing the countryside. Robin and his marauding band set about to right the wrongs in this surprisingly light-hearted film.

  8. "Excalibur" This is one of the most ambitious medieval movies made about King Arthur and the times he lived in. The action is nonstop. The beautiful photography and brass-brassiered Helen Mirrin make this a film worth seeing.

  9. "Ever After" Drew Barrymore is an enchanting, feisty Cinderella in this fairy tale film. Anjelica Huston is the perfect wicked step mother. Much closer to the original BrothersGrimm fable it is still a story between a common girl and a prince in the end. This Cinderella sports a pretty progressive attitude than other women in medieval films

  10. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" This is undoubtedly the funniest of all of the medieval movies. This is a silly but laugh-out-loud funny movie about Arthur and his knights on a journey to find the Holy Grail. These British comedians can even make the medieval hilarious.