The 10 best German war movies on DVD allow movie watchers to bring the true stories of World War I and World War II into their homes. By showing the effects of worldwide war on regular citizens, the feats of strength required of soldiers and citizens alike to survive German atrocities and the humanitarian acts that saved thousands of lives, these movies depict the horrors of war. However, these films also show that, despite the killing and mayhem of war, it is still possible to find love or help others.

  1. Battle of the Bulge” Now on DVD, this 1965 movie replays the famous World War II fight in the Ardennes forest. Staring Henry Fonda, “Battle of the Bulge” shows the dedication of the Allied army in their fight to prevent Germany from retaking parts of France and Antwerp. Realistic, emotion and somewhat terrifying, “Battle of the Bulge” is one of the best German war movies on DVD.

  2. Flame and Citron” This recent film shows the Danish resistance to German occupation during WWII. Two assassins, Flame and Citron, systematically kill German commanders that have overtaken their country. In the end, however, it is their personal demons which cause their downfall. “Flame and Citron” is an excellent German war movie available on DVD.  

  3. All Quiet on the Western Front” This classic German war film, which is now offered on DVD, portrays the disillusionment that many World War I soldiers felt once seeing the war’s destruction. Keep an eye out for a remake of this movie in the next few years. “All Quiet on the Western Front” is a great German war movie

  4. The Longest Day” This German war film tells the tale of D-Day from the Allied and German points of view. The destruction, mayhem and effect on the future of the war are fully examined by both sides. “The Longest Day,” now available on DVD, is a moving film.

  5. The Winds of War” This film takes a unique look at the effects of the days leading up to the outbreak of World War II on regular citizens. Following a naval officer and his family, “The Winds of War” demonstrates how nobody could escape being touched by Hitler and Mussolini’s actions. It is a great German War film that is available on DVD.   

  6. Shining Through” Starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith, this movie shows the espionage used in Germany during World War II. A tale of trust, fear and love, “Shining Through” demonstrates what it took informants to place themselves inside enemy territory, with no way to protect themselves. It is one of the greatest German war movies.

  7. Where Eagles Dare” This action packed movie follows a team of Allied troops as they fight to rescue a captured British officer believed to be holding the plans for D-Day. As the group forces their way up to a remote German fortress in the Alps, it begins to look like the troops might not be who they claimed. “Where Eagles Dare” is one of the best German war movies on DVD.

  8. Downfall” This subtitled film follows Hitler’s personal secretary, Traudl Junge, during the final days of World War II that they spent in Hitler’s bunker. Disturbing and emotional, “Downfall” is one of the best German war movies.

  9. Heroes of Telemark” This German war movie follows the fight between Allied forces and Germany over the development of the chemical components necessary to build an atomic bomb. Set in German-occupied Norway, the film follows a British intelligence officer as he navigates to obtain the chemicals and stay alive.

  10. Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg” Swedish Wallenberg is responsible for saving over 60,000 Jews during World War II. Not only did he arrange passports for them to leave Hungary, but he also helped Jews interred in ghettos. This film follows the heroic Wallenberg during his humanitarian acts.