We all want to see action and bravery in cinema, so here's the 10 best action war movies to get started. These are the movies that catch the passion and grittiness of battle. These films don't shy away from the true nature of war and gives the audience a soldier's perspective on the battles that have been raged throughout history.

  1. ''Enemy at the Gates'' This film follows the story of Vassili Zaitsev, a Russian sniper in World War II, and shows how different life for troops was under Russian command. Jude Law does and incredible job as Zaitsev, as if whisking the audience away into the battlefield. The scenes of battle are intense and the suspense is perfect.

  2. ''Flags of Our Fathers'' A Clint Eastwood masterpiece about the flag planted on Iwo Jima and the men who raised it. This is almost and anti-propaganda film, as it doesn't show how brave the men were, but how guilty they feel for misleading the nation into a false sense of victory. It also shows how cruel the politics can be during wartime and the long-time scars of soldiers.

  3. ''Letters from Iwo Jima'' Another Clint Eastwood-directed masterpiece, but in a different language. Yes, the entire film is in Japanese with the exception of a few scenes. This film takes another perspective and shows the life of the Japanese soldiers defending the Island of Iwo Jima. It explains that our opponents were people, too, and they were no less brave that the American troops.

  4. ''Paths of Glory'' A film Starring Kirk Douglas. Above all, this film shows the utter uselessness of war and the pain that it can lead to. Set in the trenches of World War I, lively soldiers are reduced to shells of men by the movie's end.

  5. ''Saving Private Ryan'' Perhaps the most famous war movie of all time. The scenes of combat are so intense that it's not even recommended for veterans with PTSD. Often regarded as the greatest war film of all time, ''Saving Private Ryan'' is a must-see.

  6. ''Braveheart'' Perhaps Mel Gibson's most famous role to date. Gibson portrays William Wallace, a Scottish rebel leade fighting against the oppressive English. Gibson delivers an amazing performance and the action is in no short supply.

  7. ''The Great Escape'' A story about a group of American POW's trying to escape a prison camp in Nazi Germany. Steve McQueen and James Garner take the starring roles and with those two; it's a great fun to be had for all. A clever, yet sometimes gritty film, certainly worth a watch.

  8. ''Red Cliff'' Director John Woo takes a shot at making a war film about the warring states of China based on the ''Romance of The Three Kingdoms." While not completely realistic, the acting is solid all around and definitely worth a watch for war and martial arts fans alike.

  9. ''Full Metal Jacket'' An iconic movie that has spawned countless catch phrases. The film guides the audience through a Marine boot camp and into war. The movie tries to show the cruelty of war and that some people just aren't cut out for combat.

  10. ''Apocalypse Now'' A Vietnam war epic about the stressful environment of octane-fueled combat zones. A story about several men ordered to assassinate a U.S. Colonel for breaking under the stress and holing himself up in the process.