What are 10 awesome war movies? War movies have been a staple of movie buffs for about as long as movies have been made. There are a huge number to chose from. They range from the patriotic with mild violence to the newer reality based war movies with stronger language, and violence. Each person will have their own taste in such movie, and what war they enjoy watching about. So while there are many diverse choices, this article will try to fit in something for everyone.  

  1.  "Sergeant York" 1941 - What an awesome movie about a genuine American hero played by a great American actor, Gary Cooper. Set in WWI this movie is about a conscientious objector who ends up being the a war hero of World War One. A must watch for a war movie buff.

  2. "The Longest Day" 1962 - An awesome movie about the largest invasion of World War II. Great cast, great story, a definite must see.

  3. "Tora Tora Tora" 1970 - This is perhaps the best movie about Pearl Harbor. An awesome cast tells the story from bot the American and Japanese side of the sneak attack. No one should miss this one.  

  4. "M.A.S.H." 1970 - Lewd, bawdy, vulgar, irreverent, extremely funny, and one of the most awesome movies ever made. This movie about a group of Army doctors in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea is a classic. Not for children, it is one of the funniest movies ever made and spawned one of the greatest television shows ever. Simply awesome.

  5. "Apocalypse Now" 1979 - superb cast, and  great accurate portrayal and settings make this one awesome movie. A gritty portrayal of a military assassin sent out to neutralize a renegade American officer this is one of the best Vietnam movies. A must see.  

  6. "Platoon" 1986 - Strong language, violence, strong antiwar sentiments, and a realistic portrayal of the Vietnam war make this a movie not for everyone, but it is an awesome choice for those who want realism in a movie. A wonderful storyline about an army platoon and the interactions of the men in it make it must see.

  7. "Glory" 1989 - What an awesome movie. The story of the first all black regiment of the Civil War and their white officers. The super cast, true storyline, and accurate portrayals of war during the Civil War make this one of the most important movies about American history. This awesome movie should be required watching in any American History class to help understand a time period.

  8.  "Saving Private Ryan" 1998 - A stellar war WWII movie. This awesome movie is about a Ranger platoon sent out on a mission of mercy, to find the last remaining son of a family and bring him back to send home.

  9. "The Patriot" 2000 - One of the finest movies about the American Revolution this movie has an awesome cast, story, setting, and historically accurate costuming. A must see movie.

  10. "Black Hawk Down" 2001 - Intense, bloody, accurate portrayal of Army Ranger fighting in Somalia trying to rescue the survivors of several Black Hawk helicopters that crashed. A small part of American history, but an important one, especially to the forces who fought there so valiantly. Superbly directed, cast, and filmed this is one awesome movie about a heroic action that should never be forgotten.

There are ten simply awesome war movies. Each is a classic in its own right and each deserves space in the war movie lovers collection. Pop a ton of popcorn, and sit down for an entire weekend to enjoy them, it wont be time wasted, enjoy.