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Friday, August 26 by Peter Matthews

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	For lovers of world cinema memorabilia and ephemera, Spanish <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>movie posters</a> are a great addition to any collection. This list gathers five titles that any fan would find compelling, but with such a rich tradition of great cinema, dashing actors, and achingly beautiful actresses, <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Spain</a> offers movie poster collectors an endless array of choices.  </p>
<p style= Volver Spanish Movie Posters

Talented director Pedro Almodóvar crafted this 2006 film and received wide acclaim. Collectors will enjoy this Spanish movie poster for its vibrant colors, interesting typography, and its stunning depiction of the lovely Penelope Cruz.  

“El Espinazo Del Diablo.” 

El Espinazo Del Diablo Spanish Movie Posters

Audiences know director Guillermo del Toro for films like “Hell Boy” and “The Mimic,” but not nearly as many viewers are familiar with this creepy tale of life at an orphanage during the Spanish Civil War. Several different posters exist for this title and all are worth seeking out. The best features a dark brooding aesthetic and an eerie picture of Santi, a ghostly boy who haunts the orphanage.  

“Pan's Labyrinth.”

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Pan’s Labyrinth</a> Spanish Movie Posters” src=”” /></p>
	Guillermo del Toro also directed this film which explores the fantasy world which a young girl uses to escape the reality of living with her cruel father in fascist Spain. A critical success, the film has a dark and surreal feel that comes through well on the amazing movie poster that greeted moviegoers before its release.</p>
	<strong>“Proyecto Dos.”</strong></p>
<p style= Proyecto Dos Spanish Movie Posters

Just like in any market, sometimes the best Spanish movie posters are better than the movies they promote. “Proyecto Dos,” a present-day science fiction tale set in Madrid, did not enjoy a great reception from critics. Nonetheless, its movie poster is very compelling, and the central image of beautiful actress Helena Carrión is enough to stop movie lovers in their tracks.  


Rivales Spanish Movie Posters

Nothing could be more Spanish than soccer, the subject of this film. Critics may have been ambivalent about the film's merits, but the cinema collector can easily see why the poster is such a great item. Cleverly depicting the film's stars as players on a foosball table, it conveys a fun, comic tone and promises viewers a great experience.

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