Spanish erotic movies raise up the blood pressure with hot and exotic treats of passion and love throughout theeir engrossing tales. Audiences cannot resist these captivating erotic movies where Spanish characters embrace the drama and gift of their hearts. Movies are an excellent media for erotic fantasies set across the backdrop of the lush Spanish countryside. Spanish movies never hesitate to dabble in eroticism between lovers in order to add a bit of heat and texture to their plots like a fine entree. Spanish erotic movies explore the wondrous maze of its characters' minds where desire affects every facet of their daily lives across the screen.

  1. "Like Water for Chocolate." Pedro and Tita are two lovers separated by her controlling mother, Elena, in this erotic tale set in Mexico. Tita uses her cooking and food to communicate her love for Pedro while he marries her older sister in order to stay close to Tita. Alfonso Arau directed this Spanish romance based on the first novel from Laura Esquivel.  

  2. "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!" Famed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar directed this erotic movie about a mental patient, Ricky, who kidnaps a porn star named Marina. Ricky ties up the object of his misguided affections in an attempt to convince Marina that she should be his wife. Antonio Banderas and Victoria Abril star in this bizarre love story.  

  3. "Y Tu Mamá También." Two teenage boys Tenoch and Julio, played by Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, meet up with the alluring wife of Tenoch's cousin, Luisa. They convince her to journey with them to a secluded beach known as the "Boca del Cielo" even though it doesn't exist. Alfonso Cuarón helms this erotic coming of age tale about life, friendship and love. 

  4. "Sex and Lucia." A young Spanish waitress, Lucia played by Paz Vega, becomes distraught after the death of her writer boyfriend of many years. She travels to a secluded island in the Mediterranean only to experience an erotic awakening in the corners of her heart about her former love. Julio Medem wrote and directed this passionate film of a woman's journey through heartache and acceptance. 

- Eduardo Camacho