Hispanic period movies take audiences back in time to different eras of this culture's history–to where great drama and stories unfold. Period movies showcase the age of simpler lifestyles, elegant formal wear and strict societal code in various Hispanic countries. Many movies in this genre delve into the elegance and grandeur of the world during a certain period in Hispanic history and how people's lives reflected such upbringing. Hispanic movies also tend to mix their period dramas with intrigue and seduction amongst the elite versus the common folk. Hispanic period movies create a banquet of life and luxury against the historic landscapes amidst the oceans of time.

  1. "Original Sin." Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie star in this period drama set in 19th century Cuba about a young business man who takes a mail order bride from America. Soon, his life turns upside down when he discovers his prospective wife is a talented con artist who manipulates men out of their wealth with her sadistic partner in crime. Based on the novel "Waltz into Darkness" by Cornell Woolrich, she must decide between love and a life of deceit. 

  2. "Like Water For Chocolate." A love story amidst the Mexican Revolution between Pedro and Tita who are separated by her domineering mother, Elena. Their passion for each other cannot be diminished despite Pedro married to her older sister in order to stay close to Tita. The period romance was based on the famous first novel of the same title by Laura Esquivel.

  3. "The House of the Spirits." An all star cast led by Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep and Glenn Close brings to life the period drama set in turbulent history of Chile. The film follows Esteban as he grows from a poor miner to a rich patriarch and land owner who marries Clara and they have a daughter, Blanca. Soon, their grown daughter gets involved with a revolutionary, Pedro, in this adaptation of Isabel Allende's novel.

  4. "Gladiator." Russell Crowe plays a loyal and honorable general and Spaniard, Maximus, who is betrayed by his Emperor's malicious son, Commodus. Set in the period of the Roman Empire, Maximus escapes his arranged execution only to be sold into slavery and later fight in battles to the death for sport. Ridley Scott helmed this action drama as the gladiator who fights his way to the Coliseum in order to exact his revenge on the evil Commodus.