Hispanic movies for guys are few and far between, but there are a handful which you might be able to find on a collegiate house DVD shelf or on the shortlist of a guy's Netflix cue. The primary reason for this is the language barrier, but with the escalating violence due to drug cartels throughout Central and South America, more and more guys are taking notice of this intriguing, violent world with really hot Latin girls, to boot. Here are a few Hispanic movies for guys that will be easy to follow along, even with subtitles and as entertaining as any American movie:

  1. "Desperado." Robert Rodriguez's remake of "El Mariachi" has the high budget gloss of a Hollywood movie but the grit and violence that was loved in "El Mariachi." Plus it has Antonio Banderas kicking ass in the grimy Mexican border town streets and Salma Hayek bulging out of her dress and even naked for a wonderful 15 seconds.

  2. "From Dusk Till Dawn." Rodriguez teamed up with Quentin Tarantino for this "Grindhouse-style" bank robber and vampire movie set just over the border in the Mexican desert. While the film literally means next to nothing and doesn't really delve into Hispanic culture, it's certainly a fun ride (and has a lot of topless Hispanic women, to boot.)

  3. "Blow." Starring Johnny Depp, this epic story of a man who started transporting cocaine into Miami from South and Central America is one of the best Hispanic movies for guys that exists, as it has the Hollywood sheen but the exciting and frightening world of international drug trafficking. Plus, there's Penelope Cruz.

  4. "Scarface." One of the best gangster movies ever made and it doesn't have anything to do with Italians (unless Pacino kills an Italian guy at some point). Starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer when she was in her prime, this crime saga is the ultimate Hispanic movie for guys, as it tells the tale of a Cuban immigrant coming from nothing and building himself into a drug kingpin. And they cut a guy to pieces with a chainsaw. What more could you want?

  5. "City of God." One of the best Hispanic guy movies ever made, this film follows kids who live in the literal City of God, a name for the slums in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It's a violent, ruthless world of gangs, drugs, manipulation and violence and this stark portrait garnered awards from around the world and encouraged outsiders to lend a helping a hand to the real-life people there. That's the power of a great film.