Hispanic Movies Filmed In the U.S.

Monday, March 21 by Ed Mulero

These Hispanic movies films in the U.S. tells the stories of this cultural group and their impact in American society throughout the years. Many dramas come from observing Hispanics' lives both young and old in the U.S.  Other movies filmed in the U.S. show how other races interact with Hispanics and are looked at as typically outsiders trying to assimilate into another culture. Hispanic movies also show the struggles many of them have to adjust in the U.S. from another country; these movies are filmed from their point-of-view for dramatic affect. The Hispanic movies filmed in the U.S. are time capsules that preserve the cultural heritage and stories that the culture has endured throughout the years.

  1. "My Family aka Mi Familia" (1995). The Hispanic movie follows the lives of three generations of an immigrant family's life in the U.S. Jimmy Smits, Edward James Olmos and Esai Morales star in this touching melodrama about growing up despite their hardships.
  2. "American Me" (1992). Another engaging Hispanic movie filmes in the U.S. traces the life of Santana, a criminal kingpin, from his life in the mean streets of L.A. to prison to his eventual release. Things get complicated when Santana begins to reconsider his lot in life after so many years in crime.
  3. "Stand & Deliver" (1988). Ramon Menendez directed this Hispanic movie about a math teacher who instructs a classroom of troubled students. His success helped a group of never-do-wells into the nation's top class in algebra and calculus. 
  4. "Harsh Times" (2005). Christian Bale stars as a troubled Desert Storm vet who tries to make a life back in the U.S. with old friends from South Central Los Angeles. He and his best friend Miguel both work to sort out their wayward existence as trouble begins to find them in every turn.  
  5. "Nothing Like the Holidays" (2008). A Hispanic movie filmed in Chicago follows a family's hardships during Christmas time. Their lives converge and old wounds begin to resurface as they try to make peace for the holidays.
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