Hispanic Historical Movies

Friday, April 22 by Isabel Prontes

For Spanish-speaking film buffs that love to watch period pieces, many choices in Hispanic historical movies are out there. From Spain all the way to Latin America, Spanish speakers can enjoy a wide array of exciting, adventurous and romantic movies from eras that have long passed.

  1. "La Celestina" is a Spanish period drama that hit theaters in the fall of 1996. The story of "La Celestina" chronicles the enchanting love story between the youthful and wealthy daughter of a merchant, named Melibea, and Calisto, a dashing aristocrat. The cast of the film includes international star Penelope Cruz, as well as Maribel Verdu, Juan Diego Botto and Jordi Molla.
  2. "Mad Love," which is known in Spanish as "Juana la Loca," is a historical drama that came out in the summer of 2002. "Mad Love" depicts the romance of Joanna of Castile, who ruled Spain during the 1500s. The Spanish title of the film comes from the fact that Joanna was often referred to as "Joanna the Mad" ("Loca" is Spanish for "crazy"). The film's cast consists of Daniele Liotti, Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Roberto Alvarez, Giuliano Gemma and Rosana Pastor.
  3. "Funes, a Great Love" is an Argentinian musical drama that was released in the spring of 1993. "Funes, a Great Love" depicts the story of a brothel bartender during the 1930s. The musical drama also includes many scenes of spirited tango performances. The movie's cast includes Gian Maria Volonte, Graciela Borges, Moria Casan and Jose Soriano.
  4. "El Hombre de los Hongos" is a historical drama that came out in September of 1976. The movie takes place in Colonial Mexico. The title of the film translates to English as "The Man of the Mushrooms," and the film is also known as "The Mushroom Eater." The movie focuses on a rich owner of a plantation, who in a cruel act makes his workers eat his mushrooms, which oftentimes are toxic. The Mexican movie stars Fernando Allende, Ofelia Medina, Isela Vega and Adolfo Marsillach.

-Isabel Prontes

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