Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every September 15th to October 15th, there are many Hispanic Heritage Month movies to help you celebrate this month. There many ways to celebrate this festive month. Here are three movies that will give you the best insight into the amazing Hispanic culture.

  1. "Selena". The movie "Selena" is is a great Hispanic Heritage Month movie because it tells the life story of a the famous Hispanic singer Selena Quintanilla Perez. The movie is a touching tribute and biography of the Tejano singer who's life was taken way too soon. The early parts of the movie show Selena as a young and budding artist. The rest of the movie follows Selena through her adolescent years building her music career. The film also shows Selena wrestling with more complicated issues like whether to date her guitarist or not. The movie touches very briefly on her untimely death by the president of her fan club.

  2. "My Family." "My family" is an incredible movie about the bonds of a Hispanic family. The movie features incredible actors including Jimmy Smits and Gregory Nava. Gregory Nava is also the director of this film (and the director of "Selena"). "My Family" paints the portrait of what it is like to be a Hispanic family in Southern California. The movie is an honest and sometimes brutal portrayal on what the legacy of a Hispanic family could be. It's honesty about a Hispanic  family make it a great Hispanic Heritage Month movie.

  3. "Tortilla Soup." "Tortilla Soup" is great movie for Hispanic Heritage Month because of it's connection between family and food. Through out the movie there are several food preparation scenes that give the audience insight to just how important food is to the Hispanic culture. This movie also revolves around a family trying to keep their close bond in the midst of a crazy world.