The top 10 best Spanish movies featured here are a great place to start a foreign film obsession. Foreign films are hugely popular with many movie enthusiasts in the USA. A growing trend is the is genre is Spanish movies, and more and more wonderfully artistic movies are being made available in this category. Pop the popcorn, put in the DVD, and keep up with your foreign films with these 10 best Spanish movies.

  1. "Frida" - Salma Hayek was the actress who assumed the role of artist Frida Kahlo.  The movie introduced us to different masterpieces of the painter and a glimpse at her life and turbulent marriage with husband Diego Rivera. It is worthy of the top spot for it's poignant storyline, vibrant use of color, and snappy acting.

  2. "Pan's Labyrinth" - This Guillermo Del Toro work of magic is about a girl named Ofelia who discovers a fantastic labyrinth inside her home. Ofelia can alternate between the real world and the fantasy world as she pleases, but only by the rules of a temperamental faun. This movie is number two because it stole the hearts of adults and children alike, and is considered a Spanish classic.

  3. "Love in the Time of Cholera" - This movie is based on the novel of author/poet Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is an epic love story between two lovers Florentino and Fermina that due to the hardship of the times, were separated and she married a financially stable doctor. It is at the number three slot as a beautiful and touching story about the power of true love.

  4. "Like Water for Chocolate" – This movie is offers a wonderful combination of love and food. The passion literally emanates from the screen. It is number four because it's fun to watch if you aren't thinking about it too much and very deep and inspiring if you are.

  5. "Day without a Mexican" - A film by Sergio Arau which reveals (from the author's point of view) what would happen if the Mexican population were to ever disappear from California or the United States. This movie deserves to be on everyone's "must see" list, as it gives a whole new perspective and something to think about for a very long time.

  6. "Motorcycle Diaries" - Historical fiction about the life of Che Guevara with the protagonist being played by Gael Garcia Bernal. It sits in the number six spot because it can be very gruesome, but that seems to add a level of reality to it which is very difficult to achieve in film.

  7. "All About My Mother" - A film which explores an Oedipal relationship between mother and son. This movie is number seven on the top ten list because although it is a bit uncomfortable at times, it gives us a glimpse of "the other side" or life.

  8. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" - This movie was one of the most talked about movies of 2001 and tells the story of two teenage friends: Julio and Tenoch and the affair they eventually share with the same girl, the wife of Tenoch's cousin. It's a great movie to simply kick back and enjoy which explores different aspects of human sexuality and desire.

  9. "Talk to Her" – Talk to Her is about the friendship that grows between two men who meet when their girlfriends are in comas. This movie is number nine because it does a beautiful job of exploring past, present and future to pull four characters to a surprising ending.

  10. "Maria Full of Grace" - This was originally an HBO Films release and is about a 17-year-old girl who ends up a drug mule who traffics drugs in her body.  Be prepared for many tear-jerking scenes!