For those out there who love girl on girl action, here is a list of the 10 best Spanish lesbian movies. Whether they are comedies or dramas, all of these movies take a deep look at the lesbian world.

  1. "Don’t Tempt Me." Heaven and Hell will try to win the soul of a boxer with a really unfavorable past in this Spanish movie. Each one sends their best agents to make the job, but things get a little confusing when the two women agents get to know each other and get into steamy girl on girl action. Film starring Victoria Abril and Penelope Cruz.

  2. "My Mother Likes Women." This Spanish lesbian comedy displays one of the worst nightmares for some people: discovering that one of your parents is gay. Elvira, Jimena and Sol are going to try really hard to change their mother’s likes, but they have no idea the turns that the story is going to make.

  3. "Costa Brava." A nice romance in Barcelona between a tour guide and an American teacher. In this lesbian movie, Ana meets Monserrat in a tour, become friends, start getting closer and fall in love. Monserrat is unhappy with her job and Ana helps her get a new one. Unfortunately, it’s in the United States and they will have to separate.

  4. "Caricias." Eleven stories that explore encounters of the characters in just one night. All of them are related in ways they didn’t even imagine, and which they are about to discover during the night. Girl on girl action is on call here.

  5. "Why not me?" A Spanish movie in which four gay friends are trying to find their ways to reach happiness. Eva, Ariane, Camille and Nico work together in a book publishing company. Eva, Ariane and Nico have decided to tell their parents about their homosexuality, but they are too afraid. Camille has some experience on that topic, so she decides to help them no matter what.

  6. "Everything happens to me." A love tangle between straight, lesbian and gay people. Two male friends, a lesbian couple and some other characters are questioning their feelings and sexuality towards each other. This adapted theater play combines comedy with drama at a very interesting point.

  7. "Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls on the Heap." The first movie of Academy Award winner Pedro Almodóvar. The film follows the lives of three girls who became friends and explore the new kind of sexual freedom that takes place at the time. It has become a cult film due to its relation with the cultural movement of Madrid in the eighties.

  8. "El Calentito." When Toni leaves Sara for another girl, she gets so angry that she drinks until she passes out in the bathroom. Carmen, one of the members of her band, takes her to her house and encourages her to join the band. Troubles begin when new romances between the girls take place with the arrival of the new band member.

  9. "Nothing on the fridge." Carlota is an ambulance driver that feels the constant urge to search for the perfect man. When she thinks she finally has found him, her lesbian best friend tries to persuade her that it is her anxiety and need for care that makes her want to find the one, but she doesn’t listen to her and they both get involved in a stormy relationship.

  10. "Verbal assault." Seven independent stories that take all kind of human subjects, including lesbianism. From a story happening almost entirely over the phone, to a Swedish ventriloquist tourist chatting up a Cuban prostitute in a bubble bath, things can get pretty interesting in this Spanish movie that explores verbal expression.