10 Best Spanish Erotic Movies

Friday, February 11 by Ergopotamo

These ten best Spanish erotic movies range from homosexual relationships to incest. The Spanish movie industry has developed a reputation for their unique and dramatic movie plots and film style. You won’t want to miss out on the top picks in this batch of sexy Spanish movies.

“Sex and Lucia.” Paz Vega plays a Spanish waitress who escapes to the Mediterranean after losing her partner. Throughout this award-winning erotic film, she reminisces on the past relationship.

“Amigo/Amado.” A homosexual professor is in love with his best student in this Spanish movie. It’s an intense and sexual Spanish movie that will have you at the edge of your seat.

“Talk to Her.” This movie (Spanish title: Hable con Ella) is from famed Spanish director, Pedro Almódovar. It’s a story told in flashbacks about two relationships involving eroticism, love affairs, and suicide.

“Against the Wind.” This movie (Spanish title: Contra el Viento) is a blend of erotic scenes involving incest, passion, and obsession. Juan escapes to the Spanish province of Andalusia, but his sister can’t live without him.

“Broken Embraces.” Pedro Almódovar makes it big again in this movie that was nominated for two “Best Foreign Language Film” awards at the Golden Globes and with the Broadcast Film Critics Association. The story is an erotic portrayal of various forbidden romances.

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