Sexy Korean Movies

Wednesday, August 3 by Sidney Williams

There are a number of sexy Korean movies that feature not only their sexy actresses but also their well-thought off stories. Although not as popular in the west as the Korean pop superstars, sexy Korean movies stand a league on its own in popularizing Korean culture and showcasing the boldness and maturity of Korean movie makers.

  1. “Sexy Teacher/Who Slept with Her” – A very funny sexy Korean movie released in 2006. It was about a new student-teacher assigned in an all-boy high school that everyone has been fantasizing about. All hell breaks loose when a rumor spreads that this new teacher had sex with one of the boys.
  2. “Sex is Zero 1 & 2”  – these two sexy Korean movies takes a nod to the American Pie series as a coming of age story of a teenage boy falling in love. There are lots of funny antics where the protagonist Eun-shik finds himself in the most embarrassing and compromising situations while trying to impress the girl of his dreams. Part 2 continues the adventures of Eun-shik and finally learns that true love goes beyond sex.
  3. “Summertime”- This sexy Korean movie takes place during Korea’s politically turbulent years during the 1970’s to the 1980’s. It has plenty of bare skin and sex scenes to speak of as a foil to the underlying theme of the movie which is the breaking free from the restraints of the military regime; however, viewers who are not familiar with Korean politics might not understand the subtleties in the movie.
  4. “The Isle” – This movie was one of the most controversial sexy Korean movies in 2000. It is about the unusual story of a mute fishing resort operator, a man running from the law, and a prostitute. There are a number of very controversial scenes in the movie such as suicide by swallowing fish hooks and live cruelty to animals.  
  5. “Lies” – this is another controversial Korean film that was released in 1999. It is based on the equally controversial banned novel. It is about the sexual relationship between a middle-aged sculptor and a teenager who engage in a sadomasochistic sexual relationship.
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