Romantic Korean movies for dates will make your quiet night special. Whether you're into a teak-jerker, a traditional romance or a mix of genres, these romantic Korean films will top off your date.

  1. "My Sassy Girl" (2001): A young college student, Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun), has such a pathetic love live, his own aunt is asked by his mother to set him up with a girl. Gyeon-woo avoids the aunt as long as possible, but finally gives in. On his way there, he sees a completely drunk girl almost fall off the train platform and grabs her back just in time. What follows in the movie is a string of events that nearly ruin his life but pull him closer, in the oddest ways, to the unnamed girl (Jun Ji-Hyun) he saved that day. This Korean romance movie is odd and downright sad at times, but ultimately exposes the ups and downs of love.

  2. "Daisy" (2006): An action-filled Korean romance movie, "Daisy" is about a young, single artist who sketches portraits for passersby, Hye-young (Jun Ji-Hyun), who unwittingly becomes the object of affection for two very different men: the detective Jeong Woo (Lee Sung-jae) and a hitman named Park Yi (Jung Woo-sung). When she mistakenly believes the beautiful daisies she's been receiving anonymously are from the detective (the hitman is the true sender), a tangled web of both love and mystery unfold.

  3. "Humming" (2008): Jun-seo (Lee Chun Hee) has grown tired of his six-year relationship with his girlfriend, Mi-yeon (Han Ji Hye)...or so he thinks. He keeps doing little things so she'll take the hint and leave without an ugly break-up scene, and even applies for a job outside of Korea to "escape." However, before he leaves, Mi-yeon is seriously injured in a car accident, comatose and most likely brain-dead. Shocked, he goes home to discover he still sees a very much alive Mi-yeon everywhere he looks, and begins to search for the love he was about to throw away. A particularly unusual Korean romance movie, "Humming" uses cleverly camera angles and tricks to insert Mi-yeon into Jun-seo's daily routine.