Boys' night in is a great time to sit back, relax and enjoy some popular Korean movies for guys. Enjoy the action-packed adventures displayed in these entertaining Korean movies. Don't forget the drinks and popcorn.

  1. "The Brotherhood of War" This popular Korean movie is an emotional epic story about the challenges faced by two brothers who are serving in the war. They struggle to survive, take care of each other and handle the difficulties of war. Filled with lots of action, this Korean movie is a big hit among guys.

  2. "My Girlfriend is an Agent" A female government spy is not allowed to reveal her true identity to her boyfriend. She is forced to constantly tell lies to protect her cover and this eventually causes her boyfriend to end the relationship. Eventually, their paths cross again and the real story begins. Guys love this Korean movie. What kind of man can resist a female spy?

  3. "Friend" Four young friends face the challenges of friendship and loyalty when their lives go in different directions and two crossover to the other side of the law. This popular Korean movie is action-packed and contains violen fighting scenes.

  4. "The Man From Nowhere" The popular Korean movie features Won Bin who plays an ex-special agent on a mission to find his friend and her mother who were kidnapped. In a desperate attempt to find them, he makes a deal with a crime mob. The action scenes in this blockbuster are amazing.

  5. "3 Iron" This Korean movie is not only popular among guys, but it was a smash hit with female audiences as well. The story is about a young, free spirited man who travels around by motorcycle and breaks into people's home for the purpose of getting a good night sleep and a meal. He does not steal or do any damage; he actually makes repairs around the homes. One day he breaks into a home and finds an abused wife. He becomes her hero of sorts and the action begins.