The Korean horror films are some of the best horror films ever made, meaning there are quite a few great Korean scary movies to watch with a date. These are the scariest of the scary movies. This will keep your date clinging to your arm all night!

  1. "A Tale of Two Sisters." This scary movie is directed by famous Korean director Kin Jee-woon. This story is about two sisters who are very mentally unstable and are returning from a mental institution. They arrive back home to a weak father and an overtly cruel stepmother. As the stepmother behavior becomes more irrational and more obsessive, the girls find themselves trying to escape the stepmothers grasp. A ghost that exists in the house also makes their mental recovery even harder to maintain. This Korean movie to watch with a date has plenty of shivers and scares to last you and your date for quite a while.

  2. "Cinderella."  "Cinderella" is considered one of the most gruesome Korean horror movies out there. if you like people chopping faces off, this movie is for you (it is really good to get your date to hide her face in your chest too).The movie is about a girl who is the daughter of a highly respected plastic surgeon. the girl's friends envy her, and when they go under the knife, they start to disappear and die terrifying deaths. The girl then begins to investigate the deaths of her friends to uncover a horrible secret. The story line and plot are very weak, but women get their faces chopped off, which makes the whole film worthy of watching.

  3. "Whispering Corridors." "Whispering Corridors" is a great Korean horror movie to watch with a date because it will not disgust your date to death. This horror story is about a teacher who might be a little too curious. When she discovers that the children at the school are being murdered and the school is covering it up, she launches her own investigation. However, delving too much into this mystery might cost her her life. The story is balanced with a great story and some gripping chills. This ghost story is a spooky good time.