This article will list some top Korean mystery movies and the actors that help make them such. Mystery movies always tackle subjects that are not easily explained, and are usually thrillers or horrors. Check the list below for some Korean mystery movies that you should see.

  1. "Private Eye" (2009). This is the story of a private detective, Hong gin-ho (Hwang Jeong-min), who's goal is to one day travel to America to work. It is a period film, set in 1910 Seoul Korea. Hong is hired by a medical student (Ryoo Deok-hwan), who after discovering and practicing on a corpse, is accused of murder; it turns out the body is the son of Seoul's most powerful man. When another body turns up, with a piece of cloth in its hand, it is the first and only clue Hong has to track down the killer. If you like Sherlock Holmes mysteries, you'll love this movie.

  2. "Living Death" (2009). This is a missing persons movie, its alternate title is "Possessed." The story follows a family who's fourteen year old daughter So-jin (Sim Eun Kyeong) goes missing. The mother, a very religious woman resorts to prayer, and the older sister Heui-jin (Nam Sang-mi) returns home from college. Rumors of So-jin being possessed by the devil circulates the neighborhood and soon after, Heui-jin starts having mysterious dreams about a recently dead neighbor who left everything to her sister in their will.

  3. "Best Seller" (2010). This is a mystery about a best selling author, who falls into depression after being accused of plagiarism. With the help of her close friend, Hee-soo (Uhm Jung-hwa) is determined to make a comeback after two years of suffering. She takes up residence in a small town and soon starts talking to a mysterious figure for inspriration, Hee's next book is a best seller, until she is accused of the same crime; her new book was published by another author ten years prior. Now Hee must prove her innocence of both crimes.

  4. "Detective K" (2010). This comedy/mystery Korean film stars Kim Myeong-min as Detective K, who is very busy investigating a series of murders in his country. K and his sidekick Han Gaek ju (Han ji-min) will stop at no end to uncover clues, clues that eventually lead to a massive conspiracy against the Korean nation of Joseon.

  5. "No Doubt" (2010). This mystery revolves around prejudices and group violence.  The story follows a family who's daughter, Mi-rim goes missing after they move to a new village. When her father visits the police station he discovers a criminal, Sejin (Lee Jeon-jin) who recently left town has family still living there. The father rallies the villagers to put pressure on the family to the point of violence, because he is certain of Sejin's guilt.