Korean Action Movies For Guys

Sunday, May 1 by Samantha Assad

Korean action movies for guys offer the best in Asian cinema action and beautiful women. The best Korean action movies for guys range from criminal gang wars to unusual themes with a dash of comedy thrown in against the bloodshed.

  1. "A Dirty Carnival" (2006): Kim Byung-doo (In-seong Jo) is a young criminal stuck under a mid-level boss and going nowhere. To add to his problems, he's dealing with a dying mother and a host of younger siblings he now has to take care of. Kim's big opportunity finally comes in the form of prosecutor who is closing in on the big boss, and determined to make the big time, Kim murders the prosecutor. As his situation spirals out of control with his newly elevated status in the gang, he meets and falls for the beautiful Hyun-Joo (Bo-young Lee), his old school crush. Now he must keep them both alive after he accidentally spills his secret life to her. This Korean action movie has it all, girls, guns and violence, with the added bonus of a story that keeps you watching.
  2. "My Wife is a Gangster" (2001): Not all good Korean action movies for guys are filled with men doing bad things, as "My Wife is a Gangster" proves. Eun-jin (Eun-kyung Shin) is a young female gangster who is working her way up to boss. Her older sister, who is dying of cancer, makes an usual deathbed request of Eun-jin: find someone to marry. Undaunted, Eun-jin, with the help of another criminal in her gang, try to find her a suitable husband in between her attempts to eliminate rival gang members in the most brutal ways possible.
  3. "Oldboy" (2003): A Korean action movie with a clever mystery thrown in, "Oldboy" centers on businessman Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik), a man snatched and imprisoned for fifteen years. He is finally freed, but there's a catch: he's still be tracked by his captor and only has five days to discover the captor's identity before he is locked away again.
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